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Why Not Say What You Really Mean !

Ever tried to get in the driver's door of your car, only to find the car next to you is parked so close, you can't get in and have to climb across from your passenger seat?

Why not tell the inconsiderate driver of the car beside you how rude they are?

Say it in style ... say it with a FUNcard!

From as little as just AU$9.95 + P&H you can have your very own pack of high quality FUNcards that allow you to truly express yourself.  That's less than 20 cents per card to tell someone what you really mean.

Don't lower yourself to their level by writing your deepest thoughts on a scrap of paper or a used napkin, just pop one of our super high quality FUNcards under their windshield wiper, showing just how professional you can be.

Our FUNcards are produced using the highest quality 4 colour press and each card has a Full Colour Gloss Celloglazed Front, with Greyscale Non-Celloglazed Back for easy writing, should you choose to add a personal note.  All this ... and on a 310gsm thick card. FUNcards are a convenient 90mm x 54mm Business Card size so you can always have one with you when the need arises.

As we have only just started producing FUNcards, we don't have many to choose from yet, so why not help us improve our range ... we are always open to your suggestions and if we think it's good enough, we'll even go to print with them.

  • If you would like to order one of our available styles. (CLICK HERE)
  • Or, why not order a Custom FUNcard of your own design. (CLICK HERE)
  • Or, suggest a FUNcard for consideration. (CLICK HERE)
  • Or, simply (Contact Us) to find out more about what we have to offer.

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